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page is meant as a bookshelf, where reports refered to at the discussion page will be made conveniently accessible (to the degree we are not violating any copyright laws). In music acoustics, the researchers are always dependent on close contact with makers and instrumentalists to verify the relevance of their problems for discussion. These latter two groups have, however, not as easy access to the scientific literature as do people working within the academia, where specialized library services are nearby. In order to increase and diffuse the knowledge of musical acoustics and instruments, and to promote its practical applications (as was the motto of The Catgut Acoustical Society), it is paramount to facilitate diffusion of expertise both ways. The present site represents a humble contribution along this line, and for the benefit of scientific progress...

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Interview, April 2001, with Fan Tao, head of research and development with J. D'Addario & Co Strings (presented on
String types and construction, different sound qualities based on construction, and 'whistling' E strings.
Sound production, 'false' strings and 'wolf' notes.

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